Government Consulting Management Services

Van Horn Ventures, LLC works with small businesses to help busy CEOs identify and compete to win government contracts. CEOs now have an answer to the number one challenge they face in getting started, getting unstuck and creating system to move ahead. With our procurement product, you’ll have access to premium data and tools that give you a competitive edge in the federal market. A solution that will help you identify which procurements agencies you have the best chance of winning – before they’re even posted!

Van Horn Ventures LLC’s new product, GovVenturesOps, will help you stay one step ahead of the competition by identifying city, state, county and federal opportunities. Once these opportunities are identified we go a step further to work with you or your team to show you what next. Now that you have the RFIs, the RFPs the RFQ and the invitations along with contact information, we give you the template and scrips to and show you how to use them to get your foot in the door. We help you understand the tactics to identify the opportunities before they they ‘hit the street’ or post to SAMs. For federal contracting, one of the keys to success is staying ahead of opportunities before they are announced. With timely tools, platforms and AI we give you the analysis of upcoming procurements so you’ll know where to focus your efforts – giving you a clear advantage in today’s highly competitive market. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to win big contracts – get started with out team so we can help your team win!

Remember you can have access to our contracts and contact product which gives you real-time updates on open opportunities so you can pursue only those that are the best match for your capabilities. Don’t miss out on another opportunity because you didn’t know it was there – Ask how you can get started with GovVenturesOps!