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Know More About Van Horn Ventures LLC

Based in Indianapolis, Van Horn Ventures LLC is a leading business consulting management company. Provider of strategy planning and contract capture services to private entrepreneurs across the United States. We provide a range of consulting services and utilize our vast resources and years of experience to help CEOs get a seat at the table.

We have expertise in all aspects of the service industry, and over time we have developed specific tools necessary to help clients identify who buys what they sell, how and when to consider team strategies and more importantly, how to keep a contract once awarded.

Our Virtual Trainings Help People to Win Govt. Contracts

Anyone can win a contract; we help you understand how to keep it! “Serving those who serve” is not just a motto for us, it has been a plan of action from day one because we know freedom ain't free. Our virtual training or mastermind seminar will often include business retreats at luxury locations so clients can truly immerse themselves.

Our contract capture management services are designed with our clients in mind. Our goal is to become a valuable extension of your company, agency, or program. That means handling compliance considerations, training and resource management.