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Are you a business owner struggling to secure a multi-dollar federal contract? Soraya Van Horn is your partner in making this journey smoother and more rewarding. As a dedicated Business Consultant and Contract Strategist, She specializes in helping you reach your goals and open doors you never thought possible. 


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Fast Track To Federal Contracts: The R3 FedGov Process

R3 FedGov Process: Your VIP Pass to Federal Contracts

In the world of federal contracts, challenges can often stand in the way of your dreams. But worry not because the R3 FedGov Process is here to transform those challenges into stepping stones on your journey to success.

“Our mission is simple: to pave a smooth path for you to connect with decision-makers and establish relationships that matter, all before the Request for Proposal (RFP) even emerges. We understand the significance of a seamless introduction, and that’s where we excel.”

Your Wins

Early Connections

With R3 FedGov, you'll connect with key decision-makers and build valuable relationships even before the Request for Proposal (RFP) is released. This head start gives you a competitive edge.

Strategic Advantage

By establishing meaningful relationships early on, you position yourself advantageously when the RFP is announced. You'll be in a prime position to showcase your expertise and solutions.

Competitive Edge

By establishing relationships early on, you position yourself ahead of the competition. When the RFP emerges, you're already on the radar, giving you a competitive advantage.

Increased Visibility

The R3 FedGov Process enhances your visibility within the federal contracting community. Decision-makers will become familiar with your name and capabilities, making it more likely for them to consider your proposal seriously.

Don't let your future be uncertain. Your success story begins with Soraya Van Horn.

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