Launch Your Dream Business in 3 Days: From Passion to Profit

Are you an entrepreneur seeking to turn your purpose into profit? Do you dream of starting or growing a business but need expert guidance? Join the ‘From Purpose to Profit’ 3-Day Business Challenge! It’s a holistic experience designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to align your entrepreneurial endeavors with a higher purpose. Soraya Van Horn, a business consultant, will share her invaluable insights, practical tools, and strategies to turn your passion into a profitable business.

Purpose Of Event

The ‘From Purpose to Profit’ 3-Day Business Challenge is an innovative program designed to empower entrepreneurs with strategic insights and actionable tools for achieving sustainable success. This in-depth experience helps clarify business objectives, overcome challenges, and implement innovative growth strategies. With Soraya Van Horn’s unparalleled expertise and engaging, interactive sessions, participants leave with a concrete action plan to lead their businesses toward sustainable profitability.

Noteworthy Highlights

Day 1: Defining Your Business Purpose
  • Gain clarity on your business goals and objectives.
  • Develop a strategic roadmap tailored to your unique vision.
  • Engage in interactive sessions to refine your business mission.
Day 2: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities
  • Identify potential challenges and opportunities in your industry.
  • Receive personalized guidance on overcoming obstacles.
  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs for valuable insights.
Day 3: Strategies for Business Growth
  • Receive expert insights and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.
  • Explore innovative strategies to enhance your business operations.
  • Align your business strategies with market trends and customer demands.

Key Takeaways

This 3-Day Business Challenge is your opportunity to invest in the future of your business. Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your enterprise to the next level, Soraya Van Horn’s expertise and the interactive nature of the challenge ensure you leave with actionable insights to propel your business forward.
Deeper Understanding
Clarify and solidify your business goals and objectives to pave the way for success.
Identify Opportunities
Navigate potential challenges and seize opportunities in your industry with strategic foresight.
 Expert Insights
Get personalized guidance and recommendations from Soraya based on her extensive experience.
Innovative Strategies
Explore cutting-edge strategies to streamline and enhance your business operations.


18/12/2023 – 20/12/2023

3 Days

 Online (Webinar link will be provided upon registration)

 Free of charge

Who Should Attend?

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Gain foundational insights to launch your own business with confidence.
  • Early-Stage Entrepreneurs: Refine your business purpose, identify potential challenges, and receive personalized guidance for growth.
  • Established Business Owners: Explore innovative strategies to enhance operations and ensure continued success in a rapidly evolving business landscape.
  • SDVOSB and WOSB Owners: Soraya Van Horn’s expertise makes this event valuable for veterans and women-owned businesses seeking to maximize their impact.
Join the ‘From Purpose to Profit’ 3-Day Business Challenge and position your business for unprecedented success. Space is limited, so act now to secure your spot and unlock the full potential of your entrepreneurial journey.