Invoice Funding

Need assets for your business but don’t want to require debt or create further debt? Then you’ll love Van Horn Ventures, LLC Advance Invoice business funding provider. Van Horn Ventures LLC offers invoice funding , which provides the cash flow you need to grow your business.

Our client payment policy of 30, 45 or perhaps 90+ days for your clients to pay your invoices keep you from moving forward in serving your contract. Advance Invoice unlocks that cash by getting your cash upfront, rather than waiting 30 to 90+ days for an invoice to be paid. Your business can meet many of their monetary needs including employee payroll with invoice funding. This is unlike business factoring where you only get 80% of what you requested and then have to pay outrageous fees or the danger of losing your business. With Van Horn Ventures LLC, invoice funding option, you can improve your bottom line without sacrificing your contract. Plus, our process is simple and straightforward so you can get the funding you need without any headaches.

Don’t let financial limitations keep you from achieving your business goals!